Drawing 282 ~ is of Sarah, the passionate farmer who along with her husband bought our farm and transformed it into rich bountiful organic garden, ever expanding and full of interesting unique vegetables from garlic… to giant radishes and wasabi! 

Here she is cutting leaves from her bountiful Dinosaur kale to share with us.  
Cont’d below… 

Besides also restoring the farmhouse into a grand limestone home, they raise 3 dozen chickens to provide natural fertilizer for their earth. She sells the fruits of her labours at the Kingston Farmer’s Market: http://www.kingstonpublicmarket.ca/vendors/edible-earth
   We were honoured that she had our whole clan come for a Thanksgiving visit…and then surprised us by giving us an educational tour along with her scissors taking a snippet of this and that. Before we knew it we had a bushel of greens that we feasted on with our turkey left-overs with extra for each family to take home!