Drawing 65 ~ a yellowed pen and ink drawing from ’73. It is the end of our long driveway to our ‘Middleroad’ family home, north of Kingston. This the March & April page a 1974 Calendar I made as a Christmas present for my family.  
    The actual street name is John F Scott Road, and the woman who bought our family farm is revived it to its full potential: an organic garden, orchard, honeybees and maple sugar.  My brother and his wife met her at the market and we are truly blessed that ‘our’ land, and heritage is carried on this way. There’s a beautiful saying there I can’t quite remember that fits to this..and it escapes m, so feel free to write your comments back to me on this or any of my drawings.

A close-up of the mailbox and gate. My father, a master blacksmith made the stand for that mailbox.