Drawing 208 ~ of a touching scene in my father’s nursing home.  
I turned the corner and saw this lovely elderly woman loving patting a baby in her arms and thought; 
“oh how sweet, she is hugging her great grandchild!…then: ” oh no…no one is supervising her” …to ah…its a doll!. It was SO realistic….as I stood there, about to draw-I was told not to unless I have the permission of the family by the PSW.  The person’s face below is fictional, and when we were alone she wheeled up to show me her baby.  More notes below…                                                                                                                                                         

From an Alzheimer’s website: 

The instinct to show affection is strong.  We humans need affection from others and we need to return that love and kindness.  Baby Doll doesn’t require anything from my mom other than affection.
In return, the doll brings comfort.  Comfort to a woman who is nearing the end of her life.  Comfort to an Alzheimer’s person who is almost totally dependent on others to provide for her.  Comfort to a person who deep down is still a mother.