Drawing 206 ~ of the dinner line-up in the nursing home our father was just moved into a few days ago.
To clarify;  this is my dark and negative interpretation of my 1st day’s experience in the nursing home. All these elderly people are not able to bring themselves to the dining room so the personal care workers bring them all to the hall for when the doors open at 4;30 pm. Most are ‘gone’ in their own worlds, muttering to themselves, or asleep.  It is a different environment for our father and us to experience compared to the bingo, puzzling and scrabble playing in the retirement home. 

                              Goodness!..this is the reality of what aging looks like and we are fortunate to have a place that provides full care for our father who seems to me more asleep than awake.
To my readers/ viewers of art:  If any of you are ever bored and not knowing what to do with yourselves…I invite you to drop in at a local nursing home and spend time with some of the people there.