Drawing 363 ~ Turning the view on me …Good Night, good-bye and thank you for your viewing participation, your feedback and cheering me on.    What a ride!     
      To celebrate and conclude the year I am exhibiting a selection of drawings from this past year at Artscape Youngplace,180 Shaw Street. from Jan 13-29.   The opening is on Jan 14 5-8pm.  See below for the exhibition announcement                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Katherine Hartel:   Drawing A Day Project ~ 2015
Artscape Youngspace, 3rd floor
180 Shaw Street, Toronto
January 13- January 29
Daily hours: 8am-9pm
Opening details:   Jan 14th at 5-8pm
An exhibition of selected drawings to mark the end of this year long project.  In this year of turning 60, the question of how my artmaking relates to my life, the life of others and the world was the driving force in creating the project.  This series of 365 drawings on paper began with the quest to connect visually with my life in a range of media and approaches. The images express my observations, yearnings, foibles, and sadness;  whether it be my granddaughter showing off how she can run in her new pink running shoes, or the shoes of our family standing at the side of my father’s open grave.  
Throughout the past year, my drawings have been uploaded daily at:  www.drawingadayproject2015.blogspot.ca.  They are made in a variety of media and in a range of ways; including from direct observation, memory, photographic and media sources and pure imagination.
Personal reactions to my work became integral to the process.  It seems that the act of watching the blog became as much a daily ritual for others as it has for me.   Photos or comments sent to me often inspired more drawings, for example, the story of a rare monarch butterfly sighting after a friend’s funeral (drawing 258) or being asked by my cousin to draw her dying father’s hands (drawing 317).
My goal for this year long process was to capture life, however it occurs that day, with as much authenticity, connectedness and rawness as I can muster. 
Katherine Hartel is a Toronto based artist, who received her BFA from Queen’s University.  Primarily a painter, she also experiments with photography, drawing and printmaking to inform her work.  Involved in the community arts; she leads innovative art camps for kids, workshops for adults and was responsible for the creation of the Healing Mural Project for Street Haven, a women’s shelter in Toronto.
For more information:    www.drawingadayproject2015.blogspot.ca
For more information about my work:     www.katherinehartel.com

Contact:   katherine.hartel@gmail.com